Our service packages

Our standardised service packages have been well tested over the years. We provide complete assistance or partial assistance in specific fields. Chose the right solution for your new employee moving to the region of Nuremberg.

Housing package

For employees who only need help with finding a house or a flat and need no further services:

  • Define the housing requirements and the profile of the accommodation requested
  • Preselect suitable houses/flats from private owners and an extensive network of reputable estate agents
  • Accompanied viewing of houses/flats
  • Assistance in negotiating the rental contracts
  • Help settle the deposit and brokerage payments
  • Assistance in handing over of the house/flat along with details of its condition
  • Arranging public services

Economy package

Includes all the services from the housing package as well as the required registrations and visits to authorities

  • All services of the housing package
  • Registration office / income tax card
  • Residential permit
  • Work permit
  • Bank account and telephone connection
  • Advice on kindergartens and the Bavarian school system

Integration service

Offers complete individual assistance during the whole integration phase

  • All services of the economy package
  • Enrollment at suitable nursery-schools and schools
  • Arrangment of private language lessons for employees and their families
  • Complete information kit adapted to the needs of the employee and compiled with reference to a certain district or community covering: doctors with medical services in the employee’s mother tongue, insurances, means of transportation, workmen, shopping
  • Leisure activities, culture and sport clubs
  • Individual activities for employees and their families

Departure services

For employees who will work abroad for a certain period of time or expats who are returning to their home country.

Special services

For cases where only certain elements of the packages are needed e.g. registration or extension of a residential permit, administrative procedures after the birth of a child of foreign nationality, import procedures for cars including the TÜV, import of a domestic pet etc